Traditional Pub Games

Pubs like Aviator Bar have sought to serve their purpose in the best possible way. They are the number one spots for delicious food, pints, tunes and an overall great atmosphere for human connections. They also create a great social environment for some of the nation’s best-loved pub games. Some of these include anything from dice games, throwing games, board games, coin games and more.

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History of Pub Games

Pub games have been around for years, and for the most part, they know their roots from village traditions.

Evidently, most of them are linked to outdoor sports. Throughout the years, they have been adapted so pub-goers could easily play them at their favourite pub. Nevertheless, one cannot forget the classic card games, throwing games, bat and ball games, board games, coin games, classic trivia and so on. Of course, one cannot forget casino classics like bingo, slot machines, poker and also sports betting.

Over time, bars have taken a number of measures to ensure that the games that have been around for decades will never die out. While new ones will always be released, it’s important to preserve traditions that have been here since before most of us were even born. 

Types of Bar Games

So, what kind of games can you actually play? This depends on a number of factors. It depends on the bar, the atmosphere and if the bar is actually offering a variety of pub games. That said, we picked some of the most popular bar games and with the help of, gambling games that are loved by many pub-goers.


Who doesn’t love a spot of trivia? Put your knowledge to the test and you might just walk away with a cash prize or perhaps a bar tab. Trivia night outs always prove to be great night outs for family and friends. Besides enjoying a few drinks, these night outs fully allow people to get together, as they put their heads together and enjoy an entertaining atmosphere.


Can we get a B-I-N-G-O? Bingo rests as one of the most-loved gambling games. Although it’s more commonly played at bingo halls, you’ll still find pubs who are interested in hosting a classic bingo night. So as long as a pub is licensed by the Gambling Commission, anyone can enjoy a great game of bingo anytime, anywhere.

Card Games

What’s a bar without a few card games? For starters, you can dabble with a classic like Texas Hold’Em or standard Poker. All you need is deck of cards and some chips and you’re good to go. However, it’s important to keep in mind a few things. Some bars have a license for games like poker, where you can actually play for real money. If it’s not the case, you can simply play for fun over a few drinks.

Solitaire is also a classic. It’s been around since the 18th century and has since served as the ideal game when you need some alone time, or you simply need to kill some time. The objective is simple, create four packs of cards in each suit that start from the Ace up to the King.

Coin Games

Looking to experience something that is close to a brick-and-mortar casino? You’ll be happy to know that you’ll still find pubs who have their very own slot machines. Whilst they’re not the classic Liberty Bell machines, they still do the job and you can still enjoy spinning your way through the reels.  

Ball and Cue Games

Think you’ve got what it takes to show off those cue skills? Rest assured you’ll find plenty of UK pubs who have pool tables as a staple item in their bar. Let’s face it, pub-goers need some form of entertainment, rather than just going out for a drink. So why not combine the two together? We think it’s the perfect recipe for success!

Throwing Games

What’s a pub without a dart board? Like pool tables, a dart board is common element in most UK pubs. Once again, it’s something that serves its purpose as a form of entertainment for avid pub-goers. If you’re interested, make sure your wrists are aligned and your aim is sharp.

Sports Betting

Bars also offer countless opportunities to bet on your favourite sport teams. In fact, some of them even showcase popular matches and other games on big screen TVs. If you’re of age, simply just get betting!

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